Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My hero


  1. Hi Its Kiana here. I like your songs that you put on here. I wonder what song do you like the best . Your songs are so my jam. I think you could have no background . If you don't have the background you could make the videos bigger. Another reason why did you put these songs on here, was it get more people to see your blog I don't know. Please Reply the answers back. BYE!!!

    1. No kiana I want to put this on so people can come on to my blog, I did this because I want people to share my music. I posted this because I love her songs. My favorite song is All about that bass and Aotearoa.

  2. Hi Te Ata Whetu I also love the songs you put in there. I see you are a big Ariana Grande fan like me. One thing you could do is maybe where you have the screenshot of information you could write it out so you can read it properly or just put a link in to where you found it. Why do you like her so much is it because her voice, her looks, her attitude, or her personality. Over all I just adore your post.

  3. Thank you liona, for all the advice you have giving and yes I am a big fan of ariana grandae. I should have put at least a little bit of information on why I posted this. I like her because the first time I heard her voice I played it over and over again and I still remember that time I was introduced to her.